Alpine Snow Bike Academy

By Eric Barone


In its promotion strategy of the « Race to Beijing Alpine Snow Bike 2018 -2022 » the E. Barone Team wishes
to establish at the very start of the Winter Season 2018 – 2019, a physical Alpine Bike Center, housing a permanent Alpine Bike Academy in a premier Chinese Ski Resort, already known to the public, and visited by our Team during our March 2018 trip to China.

• The creation of the fi rst Eric Barone’s Alpine Bike Academy in those two Chinese resorts represents
the corner stones of Promotion and Development of the project in the country, and actually a World Premiere,
culminating in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.
• Engaging local government to support our education program in the Provinces where many ski resorts
are located should be a priority from the start and possibly be offi cially recognized in their Winter Sports
Development Plan launched by the Chinese government at the end of 2017.

 This permanent Meeting Point ideally located at the foot of the main ski-lifts station identifi ed by high-visibility signage allows for daily promotional welcome on wide screens videos, initiation of the new Alpine Snow Bike discipline followed by physical demonstrations monitored by top professionals. This multi-uses commercial space will include a bike parking for around 20 specially adapted Alpine Snow bikes, some of them with E-assistance,and the balance in regular mountain version. An additional dozen will be available for kids and benjamins, signing for group or individual lessons.